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Common Confusions Regarding Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Here are some common mistakes that people assume about Los Angeles bail bonds.

You can negotiate your bondsman down to a better price.

In Los Angeles, bail bonds are determined by legislature from the State of California. In exchange for posting bail, bondsmen take a fee that accounts for 10% of the total bail cost. This fee is non-negotiable. If the bail bonds business offers coupons or claims it can give you a deal, they are either lying to you or performing illegally. You should not trust a business that is breaking the law to help you with your legal troubles.

Bondsmen will charge you an arm and a leg for financing plans.

As mentioned in the previous question, the bail fee is set at exactly 10%. While this means you can’t negotiate a better deal, it also means that you are safe from hidden fees, interest, and other schemes someone might use to rip you off. Most Los Angeles bail bondsmen provide financing plans for monthly payments. They know that normal folks cannot afford the pricy bail fee and will try to help you out. The law dictates that the bail fee be set at 10% to protect the rights of the person posting bail, so the bail bonds company cannot charge interest on payment plans. If they do, then they are breaking the law.

After posting bail and releasing the arrestee, my job is done.

This is a very common misconception. When you sign the bail bond you become the indemnitor, meaning that you are responsible for the released person. This usually just means ensuring they attend all scheduled court dates, but can be much worse if the defendant flees. If the arrestee jumps bail and cannot be brought into custody, then the indemnitor is responsible for paying off some, or all, of the bail bond to the bondsman. This can get very expensive. They will also be harassed by the bail bondsman and bounty hunters who are attempting to track down the individual. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is make sure the defendant makes it to all trial dates.

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