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Los Angeles Bail Bond Coupons: An Illegal Fraud

Most people don’t realize how strictly regulated the Los Angeles bail bonds businesses are in setting their fees. People assume that they can choose how much to charge clients for providing bail bonds in Los Angeles. But the reality is that California State Legislature has determined the cost of a bail bond to be set at exactly 10% of the total bail. This fee is non-negotiable and is consistent for every bail bondsman.

The advantage of this set fee is that bail bonds agents cannot take advantage of an individual’s desperation to free their family member by jacking up the price. The purpose of bail bonds is to make payments affordable for average people and prevent having overcrowded jails. If a bail bondsman ever tries to take more than 10%, claiming hidden or additional charges, he is trying to rip you off and is breaking the law. Also, if you negotiate a financing plan to stretch out the bail fee to more manageable monthly payments, the bondsman cannot charge any interest or increase the amount beyond 10%.

The other side of this law is that bail bonds companies are not allowed to offer any discounts or coupons. Some websites claim to offer 5% bail, but they are either breaking the law or lying to you. Do you really want to trust a dishonest Los Angeles bail bondsman to release your loved one from jail?

The rise in popularity of sites like Groupon, which provide discounts and deals on products, has made some bail bonds agents turning to fraudulent practices to obtain clients. Do not trust any company that claims that they know a way to give you a price cut for a bail bond. If they are breaking the law to attract clients, who is to say they won’t break the law to rip you off with hidden fees? It is much safer to stick with a reputable bail bonds business.

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