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Personal Privacy: Bailing Out

In the modern, technologically driven society that we currently live in, news is instantly accessible. Whether it is a natural disaster, financial collapse, or celebrity arrest, we are able to hear about it within minutes, along with seeing photos and video, having professional interpretation of the situation, and comedians cracking jokes within the hour. It is actually poor form to be late covering a story, to the extreme where news stations will release speculator reporting or false information in order to appear to have an inside scoop on the major news story. It is better to be fast than accurate and you can always clean up any mistakes after the fact.

Because the general public will know about a celebrity’s arrest within an hour, along with having a video of officers handcuffing them and replicas of the mug shot, it is important to have a bail bondsman you can trust. Celebrities are too high profile to stay under the media radar when they are arrested, but you shouldn’t have to worry about that.

No one wants to get arrested; that is obvious. But sometimes it happens, whether it is over something serious or trivial. Maybe the individual is not guilty and there has been a misunderstanding. After getting released via bail bond, the last thing you want to see is your mug shot circulating around the neighborhood watch’s email group. That will just add further embarrassment to an already difficult situation. Only celebrities should have to face that level of public scrutiny.

The point is that selecting a respected bail bondsman is crucial to maintaining a sense of security. A professional bail bondsman won’t share the details of your arrest or post photos of you on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure that your bail company ensures confidentiality before entrusting them with such a personal, private matter. Or else, you may find your mug shot on a website beside Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan.

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