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Selecting An Attorney

After being arrested and released on bail bond in Los Angeles, it is important to select an attorney to represent you in court. You do not want to go to court unprepared. Of course, if you cannot afford an attorney, a public defendant will be provided by the state to defend you.

When deciding whether or not a particular attorney is right for you, you might want to start by asking them about their past cases. Find out how often they win, how easily they are able to get reduced sentences, and what their specialty is. Many lawyers specialize in a particular field or type of crime. The more cases they get that revolve around that crime, the more they learn about it and better they become at defending people who are charged with it. If you are charged with vehicular manslaughter, for example, then find an attorney who has handled automobile-based cases in the past and knows the ins and outs of the subject.

Another important factor is price. Let’s face it; most people cannot afford an expensive attorney. Ask how much the lawyer charges and see about a financing plan to help with the payments.

It is also valuable to know from which college or institution the lawyer is certified. Depending on where they learned law, it will affect their asking price but could also affect sentencing. The better schools produce better results. They will generally be more informed about legal proceedings and therefore more likely to get you off with an innocent verdict. In addition, a district attorney may be more willing to reduce the sentence when working with a well-established attorney over one they have never heard of.

When you are sitting in the cell, waiting for your Los Angeles bail bond to be posted, start thinking about what qualities you require in your attorney. This is an important decision that will influence the remainder of your life.

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