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Should You Hire An Attorney After Getting Arrested in LA?

The most difficult situation a person can face in life is getting arrested. After getting processed and released on a Los Angeles bail bond, the next thing to determine is whether you will need to hire an attorney. But sometimes defendants don’t need representation. How do you decide whether you should hire one?

The answer is fairly complex, but it depends on the severity of your crimes and your decision to plead guilty or innocent. If your crime has the risk of a lengthy jail sentence, you should most assuredly find an attorney. Lawyers will best know how to approach your case and reduce your sentence. If you plan to plead innocent, then it might be wise to get representation as well.

If you have experience in law or attended Law School, then you might be able to represent yourself. The same goes for simple, straightforward cases, where you do not necessarily need a lawyer with in-depth knowledge of legal proceedings for help. In these situations, you might consider waiving your right to representation.

The first thing the judge will do at your first court date after being released via bail bond in Los Angeles is ask you a series of questions to determine if you are mentally fit to defend yourself. If your answers are adequate, the judge will respect your decision.

If you plan to plead guilty, you probably don’t need an attorney. You will simply admit your guilt and accept your punishment. But even if you plan to plead guilty, the least you can do is consult an attorney for advice.

Most attorneys offer free consultations to discuss a case and options. They are well-trained in the law and know the ins and outs of the legal system, meaning they may have some knowledge that you lack and could be crucial towards your case. Even if they cannot get a criminal off completely, they are often able to negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduced sentence. So before pleading guilty, see if there is any way an attorney can help you.

Make sure you consider all options and use every resource available before entering a monumental point in your life. Don’t risk your future without knowing the details.

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