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Skipping out on a Los Angeles Bail Bond

After a person has been arrested and released by bail bond in Los Angeles, they have to begin the process of preparing the court case. This includes hiring an attorney and working on a defense strategy to achieve an innocent verdict, or at least reduce the punishment. This can be a stressful scenario for anyone, but especially someone who is really guilty and faces the possibility of an extended jail sentence.

In this situation, instincts may tell this person to flee, jump bail, and leave the city or even the state in order to avoid going to prison. Staying hidden may seem like the best idea, but truly think about the consequences before reducing to this temporary solution.

Most defendants who skip out on their trial have a good reason for it, such as being sick, stuck in traffic, or going to the wrong court room. If there is a legitimate excuse, it is pretty easy to rectify. The Los Angeles bail bond business will send the defendant or the bond signer, called the indemnitor, paperwork to fill out and bring to the court room in order to get the bond reinstated. This way, the full amount of the bond can be collected.

If the defendant continues to skip out on scheduled court dates, it will be assumed that he or she has jumped bail and fled justice. At this point, any good bail bondsman will use extreme means to track down the individual to bring them to court to redeem the full amount of the bond.

In California, the courts give six months to track down the defendant and return him to custody. In order to maintain a good business standing, bail bonds will hire third parties called fugitive recovery companies, who act like bounty hunters and will be paid to track down the individual.

If all of this fails, the indemnitor will be held responsible for paying the full sum of the bond. If they cannot pay it, then the insurance company of the Los Angeles bail bonds business is responsible for paying the remainder.

Before going on the lam, the defendant must consider the long-term effects. He or she will have to stay hidden for a long time, possibly forever, leaving all friends and family behind. In addition, they leave a mountain of debt behind for the person who was kind enough to bail them out. Running away may seem like the easy way out, but it rarely is.

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