A Glendale woman was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder


A Glendale woman was arrested on Monday March 30, 2010 on suspicion of attempted murder after stabbing her friend numerous times during a dispute. Diane Vizcaino was taken into custody Monday evening after police responded to the 911 call placed by nearby neighbors in the same apartment complex.

Vizcaino was found covered in blood in the 900 block of Beulah St in Glendale and taken in to custody after being taserd by Glendale police officers. The victim was identified as David Eppele, who was rushed to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center where he was treated for multiple stab wounds and listed to be in stable condition as of March 31, 2010.Instead of being booked in the local Glendale jail Vizcaino was taken to the nearby county hospital since she was tasered by officers then later taken into custody at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department where she is currently being held on $1 million bail bond. She is scheduled to appear in front of a judge on Friday April 2, 2010 for her arraignment.

A million dollar bail bond is usually a standard bail amount for this type of a charge. It varies from half million to million depending on the suspects prior criminal history and the likelihood of him/her returning to court on the assigned date. In most cases the attorney for the suspect would file a bail bond hearing motion and request a bail hearing. In bail hearings the attorney would try to convince the judge and the prosecutor of the defendants good credibility and ask for a bail reduction. If this case goes to trial most likely it will be transferred to Pasadena Superior Court. If the defendant was to get bailed out, our Pasadena Bail Bond Agents or Glendale Bail Bond Agents would have to be the ones posting the bond since its in their area and they can get to the court the quickest.

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