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A Glendale woman was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder

A Glendale woman was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder

  A Glendale woman was arrested on Monday March 30, 2010 on suspicion of attempted murder after stabbing her friend numerous times during a dispute. Diane Vizcaino was taken into custody Monday evening after police responded to the 911 call placed by nearby neighbors in the same apartment complex.

Los Angeles Police Investigate 3 Murder Cases in Less Than 2 Hours

Tuesday, March 23rd, Los Angeles police officers were forced to respond to three instances of homicide in less than a two hour span. According to LAPD, neither of the murders seemed to be linked, though two of the slayings do appear to be gang-related. Police have suspects in custody for only one of the shootings so far, but so far it is still too early to release any names or bail information associated with the arrests.

Two men charged with abducting a Van Nuys man who was shot, shocked with a Taser and held captive for five days while his kidnappers tried to negotiate a $1 million ransom payment.

As a Van Nuys bail bond company we come across a lot of weird and interesting stories but this one in particular was the one that i have to say is heartless and brutal.

Van Nuys Bail Bonds: Celebrities Arrested in Van Nuys

Our Van Nuys Bail Bonds division is perhaps one of the top 3 busiest divisions in the Los Angeles area. Although the Hollywood Jail gets most of the celebrities, the Van Nuys Jail has gotten its fair share in the last 2 years. That being the case we help many people post bail at the Van Nuys Jail, and of course 1 800 Bail Bond has a very strict privacy policy, so we would not disclose who we helped to post bail in Van Nuys, but here are few celebrities that have been arrested and booked at the Van Nuys Jail.

police officers of Armenian descent filed suit in federal court alleging their department discriminates against them and the Armenian community.

Alleged car thief found playing ‘Grand Theft Auto’

ORLANDO, Fla.- Sheriff’s deputies in central Florida found a suspected car thief playing the “Grand Theft Auto” video game, and they later charged him with just that.

Toy and Food Drive at the Glendale Homeless Shelter

Toy and Food Drive at the Glendale Homeless Shelter

We want to thank everyone who participated in our food and toy donation program. You really should have seen these kids faces when they were unwrapping there gifts than you would have know how much you did and how much joy you brought to them.