Bail Bonds Basics: Learning the Ropes

It is not an easy phone call when you receive word that a friend or loved one has gotten in trouble with the law and needs the help of a bail bonds company to get released.

Most of us do not ever deal with this situation more than a time or two in our lives (thankfully), so it’s important that if happens to you, take some appropriate steps that will minimize the stress related to the incident, free your loved one as quickly as possible and expedite the legal process that you will have to face in order to put the incident behind you.

Understanding Bail

It is of utmost importance to contact a Los Angeles bail bondsman as soon as you have received word of the arrest.  In Los Angeles, bail bonds are a necessary part of the arrest process, and thus highly regulated in terms of price and services.

Choose a bail bonds company that you trust to get your loved one free quickly and efficiently.  Location will usually be the determining factor when considering various bail bonds companies. Find a nearby bondsman or one willing to travel to your location.

Know the Legal Bail Fee

State regulations determine the fee that bail bondsmen are allowed to collect for their services, usually a percentage. In California, for example, the bail fee is 10% of the entire bail cost. Find out what the bail fee is so you receive a fair and legal charge for the bail bonds services.

This includes financing charges, so if any company is attempting to manipulate the pricing of your case, it’s probably best to thank them and quickly move on to the next number you can find.

Posting Bail

All bail monies are freed from the responsibility of the defendant if a bail bonds company is used and they attend all of their scheduled court appearances. The only money that will not be returned is the bail fee kept by the bail bonds company.

Courts are rather unforgiving of instances where defendants fail to appear as they are very costly to the State.  Missing a court appearance could even cause you to forfeit some of your rights or lead to financial or jail time penalties.

Bail bonds companies usually accept all kinds of payment for their services, including credit cards, cash, checks or payment plan options.  If one company is giving you a hard time about financing options, stick to your guns as it is common for almost any company to offer them as a way of staying competitive with the competition.

Knowing Responsibilities as an Indemnitor

Being an indemnitor means that you are signing or paying for a bail bonds service on behalf of another person.  Be certain you trust the person arrested enough to get in this position.  As an indemnitor, you are not just paying for a person’s release form jail, but accepting financial responsibilities for their total bail amount should they fail to appear in court or flee.

Having copies of their initial court appearance information and making sure they attend will help them stay out of additional trouble and free you of any financial burdens associated with their case.

Additional Information

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