LA Bail Bonds: Should I Leave Someone in Jail?

One common threat that most children receive when they are younger is “If you end up in jail, you had better get comfortable because you will be spending the night there.” This threat is generally given by a concerned parent who does not want his or her child to break the law. Most of the time, they don’t actually believe the child will do something bad enough that it warrants an arrest, but they give the warning nonetheless, in order to scare their child into acting sensibly and making smart decisions. But, what if your child actually did get arrested? Is it important to maintain the validity of the threat and leave the individual in jail for the night?

Leaving Someone in Jail

If you ever have to make the decision about whether or not to leave someone in jail, the answer is simple: bail them out. Jails are horrible places, even for a single night. It might not be as terrible as the prisons in popular entertainment like Oz or The Shawshank Redemption, but they are still miserable. It is one thing to threaten to leave a child in jail; it is another entirely to follow through on the warning.

Ask Your Bail Bondsman

If you are still not convinced that a little tough love is not best for your child, ask a bail bondsman for his opinion on the matter. They will very quickly, and very forcibly, convince you to bail the child out immediately. Sure, they want your business, but they also spend a fair amount of time around county jails and deal with the legal system almost every day, so they know how brutal it can be.

Teaching Your Child a Lesson

After all this precaution, you still may feel the need to teach your son or daughter a lesson. Obviously, if you are in the position to make that decision, they have done something really bad that has angered you. Coupled with the stress of receiving a phone call asking for a bail bond, it is no wonder you are upset enough to consider this option. But take some time to breath and calm down before making a hasty decision.

All of the additional punishments that accompany an arrest should be harsh enough to ensure that your child does not repeat his or her mistake. Among these punishments are: the processing, where the arrestee is fingerprinted and entered into the national database, the pricey bail bonds cost, the trial- which is also very expensive, and the possibility of further time behind bars if convicted. Plus, you can supply further penalty in far less brutal ways, like grounding the kid or community service. And all of this comes with the shame of explaining to friends and family what happened.

Conclusion: Empty Threat

Although it works as an excellent deterrent to keep your child on the straight and narrow, it is not worth following through on this threat, especially if it is a first offense. Instead, find a bail bondsman who can work fast and meet you at the jail as soon as possible to begin the bailing process. You will not regret making the decision to be a little less stringent on this occasion.

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