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Los Angeles Sheriff Promises End to ID Mistakes

Great news today for citizens of Los Angeles: LA Sheriff Lee Baca is taking an increased stand against mistakenly arresting innocent people. On the heels of reports that hundreds of innocents have been wrongfully accused and imprisoned in Los Angeles County jails, changes have been implemented to prevent future errors.

Riverside County Jails Set to Start Charging Inmates for Stay

If you get arrested and taken to Riverside County Jails, you will now have to pay for your stay in the jail, at the steep rate of $142 per day.

In an attempt to collect money to pay for rising incarceration rates and overcrowded jails, Riverside County passed a law that would allow the prisons to charge inmates for their stays, including seizing assets and charging fees on their wages.

Bail Bonds During the Holidays

Let’s pretend you’re at the office Christmas party, having giving secret Santa gifts, listening to Jingle Bells, chatting with your co-workers, and drinking a few spiked eggnogs. When it’s time to go home and enjoy your holiday vacation, you don’t realize that maybe you overdid it with the yuletide cheer and get into a car accident. Thankfully, nobody was injured, but suddenly your facing a DUI arrest and in need of DUI bail bonds.

Los Angeles County Jails Face Scrutiny Amidst Remodel News

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has a lot to prove as the Board of Supervisors is expected to decide whether to approve the proposed $1.4 billion remodel and construction of county jails aimed to ease the burden of overcrowded, understaffed facilities. But there is reason to believe that Baca and his staff have troubles of their own.

Safe Holiday Shopping Tips

Safe Holiday Shopping Tips

As the holiday shopping season is underway with the passing of Black Friday, shoppers now get to enjoy the frantic month of extravagant spending. But the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is warning people to be aware of thieves.

California Jails Becoming Overcrowded with More Prisoners than Anticipated

California Jails Becoming Overcrowded with More Prisoners than Anticipated

Following a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that forced California State to reduce the population of its state prisons by 30,000, county jails have experienced the burden of overcrowding.
California’s prison diversion program, a highly controversial mandate, is looking worse than ever as the actual number of dispersed prisoners has greatly exceeded projections.

Bail Bonds Varieties: Cash Bonds, Surety Bonds, and Property Bonds

This week, we will explain the difference between the various types of bail bonds that exist, namely cash bonds, surety bonds, and property bonds.

Lindsay Lohan Legal Roller Coaster Continues

Lindsay Lohan Legal Roller Coaster Continues

Hollywood’s favorite celebrity jailbird is back at it. Again. If you have your head in the sand, or if you’re like me and start getting a ringing migraine whenever Miss Lohan’s name is mentioned, then you may not be informed about her exciting week.

Los Angeles Bail Enforcement

What is often only glossed over is the Los Angeles bail enforcement when the arrested person skips his trial and flees. In this scenario, it becomes necessary for the bail bonds company to track down the suspect in order to retrieve the money they could lose…

FBI Informant Caught with Cell Phone in Los Angeles County Jail in Sting Operation

Ever wonder what it is like to be inside an LA County jail? Well, apparently FBI does.

FBI agents managed to sneak a cell phone into the Los Angeles County jail cell of an inmate in order for him to report what took place inside. These are the nation’s largest jail system and are notorious for inmate beatings and deputy misconduct, although the allegations have proven difficult to confirm. There have also been reports of riots, killings, formation of gangs, and outdated facilities. It appears the FBI could no longer stand by idly allowing these human rights violations to occur.