Consumer Tips: Safe Bail Bonds

Warning: There are some Los Angeles bail bonds companies in the community that will take advantage of unsuspecting consumers who are desperate to bail out a friend or family member. It does not make us happy report this, but it is something that you must be aware of when dealing with Los Angeles bail bonds businesses.

Before you sign a contract with a shady Los Angeles bail bondsman, make sure the business is legitimate. Here are some tips to ensure that you receive the proper fees and help that you deserve in this trying time.

1) Deal only with licensed Los Angeles bail bondsmen. Ask the agent to show you his license and identification before making any financial transaction.

2) You should only be charged legal rates. In California State, that rate is 10% of the entire LA bail bond in most cases. Any additional or hidden charges should be thoroughly explained and justified.

3) Get an itemized receipt for all charges.

4) Get copies of any contracts or agreements that you sign.

5) If financing is provided, make sure you fully understand the terms of the contract before you sign it and get a copy.

6) Ensure that the bail agent you contacted will be available after the Los Angeles bail bond is posted. Included in your payment is service. Quality bail agents will answer your questions and concerns while providing guidance throughout the release and trial process.

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