Don’t Blame the Bail Bondsmen, Blame the System

Just over two years ago, in December 2009, Seattle was struck by a major tragedy when four off-duty police officers were gunned down in a coffee shop and died. The suspect, who fled the scene, was later identified as Maurice Clemmons, and shot before he could be arrested.

The bail bonds business that posted his bond six days prior to the event was temporarily shut down, despite being a 24-hour business, due to investigations that they did not spend enough time looking into his past and potential commit a crime.

But other bail bonds agents weren’t buying that excuse. Some defended the company that released Clemmons, saying that they would do the same in that position. You never really know which criminals will live upstanding lives after getting bailed out, and which ones will commit atrocities like Clemmons did.

The real problem in the matter comes from the system that allows for bail bonds businesses to operate the way they do. While there may be some situations, like this one, that make bail bonds companies seem bad, but they do provide a valuable service. They take on the burden of accounting for arrested peoples from the state and allow individuals to continue their lives while awaiting trial. Without bail bondsmen, arrested people would have to remain in jail, causing further overcrowding.

Although there may be times when public outcry hits the bondsmen, it is well worth it for the services we provide to the community.

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