DUI Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

A DUI, or a citation for driving under the influence, is a serious charge. Whether you are slightly above the legal limit or far surpassing it, you put yourself and other drivers at risk by driving while impaired. Police rarely show pity on offenders of this crime as they knowingly disobey the law by refusing to use a designated driver or pay a taxi driver to get them home. For this reason, many people are arrested and held for DUI bail bonds in Los Angeles every year. Don’t be one of the people who find themselves in this quandary, call 1-800-BAIL-BOND for a Los Angeles bail bonds business that specializes in DUI bail bonds.

DUI Arrest

There are a few things you should know after getting a DUI arrest in order to protect yourself and your rights.

First of all, you have the right to refuse a breathalyzer until you get to the police station. This means if you are at all worried about blowing above the legal limit of 0.08, have the police take you into the local Los Angeles County jail, which might give you enough time to sober up.

Likewise, if you do blow above the legal limit for the field test, know that the breathalyzer in the police car is not an official measure of intoxication and you have the right to an additional test back at the police station. If that breathalyzer shows your blood alcohol content (BAC) to be under the legal limit (>0.08) then your charges may be dismissed.

DUI Bail Bonds

After you have been formally charged for a drunk driving and released on DUI bail bonds, there is one final thing worth noting: never plead guilty to a DUI without first consulting an attorney. An attorney, especially one who specializes in DUI cases, can give you some advice during a free consultation. The lawyer may even be able to reduce or completely remove the charges against you, so it is definitely worth the time to get a consult.

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