Fair Warning: Be Safe Out There

In the wake of the devastating shootings in Aurora, Colorado, 1-800-BAIL-BOND would like to warn readers of this blog to be careful. The world is a dangerous place without maniacs, so take every precaution to prevent an accident from occurring.

Here are some basic steps to keep yourself protected:

1) Have awareness of your surroundings.

Honestly, there was not much that the people inside the movie theater could have done to protect themselves, but many incidents are preventable. Look around at your surroundings to identify possible areas of danger. That could be a speeding car, faulty equipment, or other items that could potentially hurt you or your loved ones.

2) If you see suspicious behavior, report it to the authorities.

Although the perpetrator in this case was a loner who booby-trapped his apartment to blow up any intruders, there were still signs that he was acting suspicious. The owner of a Colorado gun range claimed that James Holmes tried to join, but denied him membership because his behavior and voice mail message were “bizarre.”

Not to blame this person, but if he had made a remark to the police, this whole tragedy could have been stopped. Do not act paranoid, but know when you should report suspicious/creepy behavior.

3) Gun Safety

Gun shots kill around 100,000 people in the United States each year. While gun ownership is a constitutionally recognized right, it should still be regulated. There is no reason that someone should be able to buy automatic assault rifles or chemicals for bomb making. Military-grade weapons are necessary for wars and national safety, not for average citizens.

On a personal level, gun owners can ensure that their pieces aren’t misused by properly maintaining them, using the safety, locking it in a safe place away from children, and teaching anyone who might use it proper handling techniques.

We cannot stop every catastrophe, but we can take the necessary steps to prevent them.

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