Gambling with Weed: Marijuana Causes Paris Hilton Arrest

Though it was actually cocaine charges that Paris Hilton, everyone’s favorite starlet who’s famous for being famous, was brought up on, it was marijuana that put Vegas police on her scent.

Hilton, 29, and boyfriend Cy Waits were arrested on the Las Vegas strip after cops were drawn to them by what appeared to be a cloud of marijuana smoke fuming out of a Cadillac Escalade transporting the couple.

In all fairness, the heiress probably wouldn’t have needed the help of a Los Angeles bail bonds service if this incident occurred in her home town—marijuana is vastly decriminalized in Los Angeles and California has it’s legalization on the upcoming ballot in the form of Prop 19.

But alas, Los Angeles bail bonds services have no pull in Vegas, where the drug is still very much on the radar of local police.

Though Paris told Larry King in her latest interview that she wanted to slow down her partying for the sake of being in the public eye, she’s been arrested in the past for DUI, probation violations and possession charges.

Keep having fun Paris!!! The Los Angeles bail bonds industry is counting on you!

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