Hip Hop Star T.I. and Wife Need Los Angeles Bail Bonds after Drug Arrest

Rapper T.I. and wife Tameka Cottle are no strangers to soliciting the help of Los Angeles bail bonds services.

The couple have already been arrested for on drug charges and the rapper is freshly on probation after being released from prison on a weapons charge this past March.

The two must have a Los Angeles bail bonds company in their cell phone’s fav-five, because after a traffic stop on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, T.I. was arrested on drug possession after police smelled marijuana wafting from his ride.

Luckily for the Los Angeles bail bonds industry, T.I. can’t seem to stay out of trouble with the law.

If he keeps living his life like hip hop lyrics, he’s going to find himself doing Los Angeles bail bonds promos as an endorsee for extra cash.

“Hey T.I. your Los Angeles bail bondsman called: He says you’re up for customer of the year.”

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