How to Pay for Bail Bonds

Finding out a loved one has been arrested is tough enough emotionally, not to mention it can be very expensive. Along with the pricey trial costs, bail bonds prices can get very high, depending on the crime and the arrestee’s priors, but there are ways to help alleviate some of the struggles of making payments. The keys to qualify are proving credit, once that is completed, it is easier to get a financing plan to alleviate the stress of paying a large sum at once. Here is a quick guide on how to pay for bail bonds.

Step 1: Know the costs. Each state determines its own fee that the bail bondsmen can charge, but should remain consistent throughout the state, no more and no less. This can be paid via cash, credit card, or money transfer. Some bail bonds agents require all the money up front, but many will allow for a long-term financing plan.

Step 2: Determine the factors surrounding the arrest. Every bail bondsman will look at the nature of the crime before taking on the bail. There are bail bonds businesses that will take any case, regardless of the circumstances, but the better-established ones with a longer history can afford to be picky. They will also learn whether the arrestee has a history of jumping bail, in which case you may need to use a more flexible bail bondsman that is newer to the business.

Step 3: Establish credit history. The two main factors that a bail bonds business will consider are home ownership and credit history. If you are a homeowner, it shows that you are financially stable, can afford to pay the bail cost, and are able to provide collateral should the arrestee flee. The same goes for people with good credit who pay their bills on time. Solid credit will make it easier to find a willing bail bondsman and even receiving a long-term payment option. Other qualifying factors include employment and length of time living in the state of arrest.

Step 4: Pay with a financing plan. Many bail bondsmen will claim to not offer financing plans for bail bonds services, but they will if you can establish credit and force the issue. Demand to receive a financing plan. If you cannot afford to pay the entire bail fee up front, ask about the possibility for a financing plan. Depending on your financial history, you may qualify. If you set up a payment plan, it is important to know that state legislation prohibits charging interest on financing plans.

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