Lindsay Lohan is Admitted into Rehab After Release from Jail

August  3, Lindsay Lohan was released from Lynwood jail after serving 14 days of her 90 day sentence.   In jail, Lohan served her time in an isolated cell due to her high-profile status.  There was no need of any bail bond in Los Angeles since there was not bail set. She was released early on good behavior and due to overcrowding in the jail, a common problem in California.  Charged with violation of her 2007 probation, Lohan went straight to a UCLA Medical Center where she will spend 3 months undergoing rehab treatment.

Originally, Judge Marsha Revel who presides over Lindsay’s case vetoed psychiatrists’ list of recommended facilities for Lohan, including UCLA Medical Center.  Instead Revel followed the advice of a probation officer who favored Morningside Recovery Center.  Revel contacted Morningside Recovery to discuss the nature of Lindsay’s case further without giving prior notice to lawyers and proceeded to select Morningside despite the fact that it was not on the list. Linsdays lawyer convinced the judge that UCLA would be better equipped to tackle Lindsay’s psychological and addiction problems.  Days before her release, Revel reverted back to the recommended list of facilities and selected UCLA Medical Center to treat Lohan.

Regardless of what may have changed her mind, this case may have proved to be all too much for Judge Revel.  August 11, Revel officially removed herself from the case after accusations of improperly communicating with experts and participants of the case without prosecutors’ knowledge.  Revel chose to release herself from the case voluntarily before papers were filed to have her removed.  Judge Elden Fox is now presiding over Lindsay’s case.

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