Los Angeles Bail Bonds Stories: Naked Man Arrested on 405

Usually, the news is a depressing and scary source of information. There are natural disasters, murders, and economic failures. Sometimes, though, we hear a story that puts a smile on our faces. For some reason, humans are hard-wired to find pleasure in the misfortune of others, an emotion termed “schadenfreude” by the Germans. It explains why we have such a sick fascination with hearing about celebrities being arrested and release on bail bond in Los Angeles. Humans like to know that everyone, even the rich and famous, is capable of screwing up and going to jail.

Funny Arrests

While celebrity arrests are entertaining, there are times when a regular citizen gets taken into custody and held for Los Angeles bail bonds that put stitches in our sides. One such occasion occurred in early April. A man was arrested after streaking on the 405 freeway in West Los Angeles during morning rush hour. Apparently, the man was trying to make contact with the drivers who were stopped in traffic. The first thing to wonder is what he wanted to talk to them about? The weather? The Lakers game? Or maybe he was trying to find the closest mall to purchase a new outfit. Whatever the topic, I can only imagine the shock that those drives faced as he approached their window. And you thought Los Angeles traffic was terrible under normal circumstances, imagine that surprise. It was surely more efficient in jolting the drivers awake than the morning cup of coffee!

Waiting for LA Bail Bonds

The man was eventually arrested by officers after running off the freeway. He was presumably given clothes before being processed and held in jail waiting for the Los Angeles bail bonds contact. Hopefully the naked man will be able to avoid any nudity based offenses henceforth, but even if the doesn’t, he can take solace in knowing that Los Angeles bail bondsman don’t discriminate on which cases they take, and will help pay the bail bond cost. Also, that naked man made the whole city of LA  laugh and reconsider complaining when we are stuck in traffic.

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