Los Angeles Bail Enforcement

When people get arrested and taken to Los Angeles County jails, they usually have to get released by a bail bondsman. This is because it is substantially less money to hire a bondsman, when you only have to pay 10% of the bond plus provide collateral for the remainder, rather than having the full amount up front.

What is often not talked about, or is only glossed over, is the Los Angeles bail enforcement when the arrested person skips his trial and flees. In this scenario, it becomes necessary for the bail bonds company to track down the suspect in order to retrieve the money they could lose.

What is bail enforcement?

So what is bail enforcement? Some kind of Los Angeles bail bonds police force? Is there a bail bonds FBI?

No, not quite.

Bail enforcement agents are independently licensed individuals who are contracted by the Los Angeles bail bonds businesses to track down the bail jumper and return him to court. They are known by numerous titles, including fugitive recovery agencies, bail bond investigations, and, most popularly, bounty hunters.

Bounty Hunters

Although bounty hunter is a glorified profession in movies and television, with awesome heroes and notorious villains like Dog the Bounty Hunter and Boba Fett stealing the scenes. But in reality, the job is a lot more simple and, well, boring.

Bounty hunters are responsible for bringing in criminals, but they don’t have to fly across the galaxy in helmet-shaped spaceships. Most likely, the person will hide with a family member or friend, so the bail enforcement agent only has to go so far as to question the defendant’s close acquaintances. Rarely do people flee the state, and even more rarely do they stay away for a long time if they do.

So before you decide to emulate your favorite TV bounty hunter and get training in bail bond enforcement, recognize that the profession is far more mundane.

Los Angeles Bail Bondsman

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