Los Angeles Sheriff Promises End to ID Mistakes

Great news today for citizens of Los Angeles: LA Sheriff Lee Baca is taking an increased stand against mistakenly arresting innocent people. On the heels of reports that hundreds of innocents have been wrongfully accused and imprisoned in Los Angeles County jails, changes have been implemented to prevent future errors.

Consistent readers of this blog know about the troubles facing the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, including a Federal investigation and overcrowded jails. This move is surely a response to a crackdown on the department’s sloppiness in previous years.

Estimates have more than 1,480 incarcerations based on mistaken identity in the past five years alone. These individuals often had the same name as the suspects or were the victims of identity theft.

Imagine the horror of that scenario! You are completely innocent, minding your own business, and you get arrested for a crime that someone else committed.

The problem is systematic, from the arresting officers up through the courts. Baca hopes that the changes will permeate the entire department and even spread to other jurisdictions beyond Los Angeles County jails.

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