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Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Targeted for Destroying Evidence

Finding aLos Angelesbail bonds business that is reputable and law-abiding is important, and nothing demonstrates this more than the actions of aLas Vegasbail bondsman who is being investigated in a criminal case for destruction of evidence.

Don’t Blame the Bail Bondsmen, Blame the System

Just over two years ago, in December 2009, Seattle was struck by a major tragedy when four off-duty police officers were gunned down in a coffee shop and died. The suspect, who fled the scene, was later identified as Maurice Clemmons, and shot before he could be arrested.
The bail bonds business that posted his bond six days prior to the event was temporarily shut down, despite being a 24-hour business, due to investigations that they did not spend enough time looking into his past and potential commit a crime.

Supreme Court Upholds Search Without Warrant

Five years ago, Burbank police officers burst into the home of a teenage student from Bellarmine-Jefferson High School without a warrant because of a rumor that he was planning to open fire on his school and classmates. The U.S. Supreme Court just defended and allowed this action based on the immediacy of the situation.

LA Bail Bonds News: Orange County Homeless Killer Arrested

On Friday, January 13, 2012, a suspect was arrested and brought into custody for the murders of four Orange County homeless men.

Los Angeles News Stories

Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States, meaning they have a lot more bizarre stories than other cities. When celebrities aren’t getting arrested, then some other craziness is occurring.
Here are some of the recent events, brought to you by 1-800-BAIL-BOND.

AAA Offering a Free Tow on New Year’s to Drunk Drivers

In order to keep drunk drivers off the road, AAA is offering a free “Tipsy Tow” to drivers with AAA insurance on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. The policy will help keep drivers and pedestrians safe from danger, as well as out of Los Angeles County jails.

Los Angeles Sheriff Promises End to ID Mistakes

Great news today for citizens of Los Angeles: LA Sheriff Lee Baca is taking an increased stand against mistakenly arresting innocent people. On the heels of reports that hundreds of innocents have been wrongfully accused and imprisoned in Los Angeles County jails, changes have been implemented to prevent future errors.

Riverside County Jails Set to Start Charging Inmates for Stay

If you get arrested and taken to Riverside County Jails, you will now have to pay for your stay in the jail, at the steep rate of $142 per day.

In an attempt to collect money to pay for rising incarceration rates and overcrowded jails, Riverside County passed a law that would allow the prisons to charge inmates for their stays, including seizing assets and charging fees on their wages.

Bail Bonds During the Holidays

Let’s pretend you’re at the office Christmas party, having giving secret Santa gifts, listening to Jingle Bells, chatting with your co-workers, and drinking a few spiked eggnogs. When it’s time to go home and enjoy your holiday vacation, you don’t realize that maybe you overdid it with the yuletide cheer and get into a car accident. Thankfully, nobody was injured, but suddenly your facing a DUI arrest and in need of DUI bail bonds.

Los Angeles County Jails Face Scrutiny Amidst Remodel News

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has a lot to prove as the Board of Supervisors is expected to decide whether to approve the proposed $1.4 billion remodel and construction of county jails aimed to ease the burden of overcrowded, understaffed facilities. But there is reason to believe that Baca and his staff have troubles of their own.