Pussycat Dolls Starlet and Companion Post Los Angeles Bail Bonds on Drug Charges

More Los Angeles bail celebrity drama continued this past April, this time following an arrest of 21-year-old Girlicious pop star Natalie Mejia on charges of attempt to distribute cocaine.  Mejia, one of the three members of Los Angeles bail bondsthe sexy spin-off of pop super group the Pussycat Dolls, was arrested in March when Glendale police officers pulled her and 28-year-old Peter Asencio over for speeding.  Asencio, the driver of the vehicle, was operating it with a suspended license, which allowed police officers to search his Ford Mustang, finding several baggies of cocaine in the pop star’s Gucci purse that lead to the couple’s arrest.

Mejia spent the night in jail and was assigned $30,000 in Los Angeles bail bonds to her case.  She recently pleaded not-guilty in a Los Angeles Superior Court telling authorities that the cocaine was not hers and she had no idea how it got there.

Asencio told police officers that the drugs were his and he hid them in the pop star’s purse thinking officers wouldn’t have grounds to search it during the traffic stop.  $55,000 in Los Angeles bail bonds was associated with Asencio’s arrest for driving with a suspended license and he was able to post bail the following day.
The two were arrested in Burbank after dining at the local California Pizza Kitchen and speeding to get on the 134 freeway.

Mejia became famous after staring in a 2008 reality TV show called “Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious,” which she won, joining the other two members of the group Nichole Cordova and Chrystina Sayers to form the Pussycat Dolls spin off band.  The group was scheduled to perform in Toronto, Canada the week of Mejia’s arrest.

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