Step-by-Step Bail Bonds Process

To break it down as simply and easily as possible so that everyone can understand, here is the bail bonds process that 1-800-BAIL-BOND deals with almost every day in our Los Angeles office.

Bail Bonds Process

1) A crime is committed (allegedly) and the person is arrested and taken to the local jail or sheriff’s station.

2) A friend or family member of that person is informed that their loved one has been arrested and they need to post bail. The arrested person then undergoes the booking process (this can come before step 3).

3) That person contacts a Los Angeles bail bond company.

4) The bail bondsman determines if the bailer has enough collateral, confirms where the arrestee is being held, and makes plans to meet at the office, home, or jail.

5) The bail bondsman gathers the necessary paperwork and payment to bail out the arrestee.

6) As fast as possible, the bondsman meets with the bailer (henceforth the “indemnitor”), signs a contract agreeing to terms of payment and collateral, and bails out the arrestee.

7) The arrestee is released into the bail bondsman’s custody. He/she will probably want to talk to the defendant, to inform them of his/her role in the agreement.

8) Now released, the defendant must attend every court date or risk nullifying the contract. If this happens, the indemnitor is responsible for repaying the entirety of the bail bond.

9) Should the arrestee jump bail, a bounty hunter will be contracted to track down the individual and return them to court to stand trial.

Los Angeles Bail Bondsman

If you need a Los Angeles bail bondsman, contact 1-800-BAIL-BOND to speak to our qualified professionals. We can guide you through the process and even provide help after the arrestee has been released. Best of luck in this trying, difficult time in your life.

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