Supreme Court Upholds Search Without Warrant

Five years ago, Burbank police officers burst into the home of a teenage student from Bellarmine-Jefferson High School without a warrant because of a rumor that he was planning to open fire on his school and classmates. The U.S. Supreme Court just defended and allowed this action based on the immediacy of the situation.

The decision overrules the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which originally found the four officers guilty and would not grant them immunity.

Vincent Huff had been absent from school for two straight days in 2007 when school officials relayed rumors about a malicious letter written by Huff to the police. Huff was the victim of bullying at his private Catholic school.

After failed initial attempts to answer the phone, the boy’s mother, Maria, finally came to meet police at their door, declining to invite them in. When asked if there were guns in the house, Maria went back inside. The police claimed they feared that danger was near at hand.

While the Appeals court thought that officers did not have enough suspicion to enter the premises under the threat of “imminent danger,” the Supreme Court overturned that ruling, saying there was enough evidence.

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