USC Campus Continues to be Subjected to Criminal Activity

A week after two USC graduate students from China were shot to death on South Raymond Ave, a robbery took place on the campus.

Four students, three male and one female, were robbed near the fraternity row by an armed assailant early Wednesday. He took their possessions and stashed them in a backpack, before leaving.

Instead of letting him get away, two of the men pursued the robber, alerting an USC public safety office who took over. The officer shot the robber in the leg when he thought the assailant was reaching for a weapon. Two other officers witnessed the shooting. Few details have been released thus far, like whether the officer fired from his car or got out.

The suspect has been identified as Jeremy Hendricks, 24, who has multiple prior arrests. He is currently on probation for the manufacturing of deadly weapons. Hendricks is from Compton and it is unclear why he was at USC. He is currently being treated for the gunshot wound.

Although it is unclear if this incident is related to the earlier shooting, whose memorial service is scheduled for 6p.m. today, but it is known that Compton gang members are often seen in Greek Row. Wait for more details to emerge after Hendricks is questioned.

Greek Row Safety Tips

The Greek System always is at increased risk due to factors like alcohol consumption, students being easier targets for assault, and the high density of people in the area. Here are some tips to stay safe if you are in the area.

  • Never walk alone and travel in large groups when possible. An assailant is less likely to rob multiple people.
  • Be polite to the campus security. Sure, sometimes they hassle underage drinkers, but they are trying to keep the area safe from non-students causing trouble.
  • Don’t fight back. If an armed person robs you, follow their instructions. It’s not worth risking your own life.

Hopefully these tips will help keep you safe while on campus.


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