When is Hiring a Trial Lawyer Unnecessary?

Most people have never been arrested and don’t know what to do after being released on bail bonds. One of the most important things is getting legal counsel to guide you and inform you of options. But there are certain situations where you won’t need a lawyer.

As a warning, you should ALWAYS consult a legal expert before deciding to represent yourself in court to cover all options. But here are some scenarios where you can skip hiring an attorney.

1) You plan to plead guilty.

If all you plan to do is go before a judge and plead guilty, then a lawyer is not necessary. Remember, an attorney may find a loophole to get you off or negotiate a reduced sentence, so discuss your options first.

2) You understand your case.

People who are very organized and have an understanding of the legal system can represent themselves. If all you need to do is clearly explain what happened that led to your arrest, and you have experience speaking in public, then you could be fine by yourself.

3) What is at stake?

This is an important question to ask yourself. If losing the case means multiple years in prison, then you should definitely hire an attorney. If the worst case scenario is a small fine, you could risk losing the case with self-representation.


It is usually best to talk to a lawyer. Most provide free consultations to discuss likely outcomes of your case, so take advantage of this service, even if you choose self-representation. Don’t risk your freedom and future in order to save some money.

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