Why Use a Bail Bondsman?

Most people don’t know how bail bonds work because, well, they never expected that someone close would be arrested. From the movies, you sort of learn what bounty hunters are and can kind of deduce what bail bondsmen do, but what exactly are the benefits? Provided below are a description of the occupation, the role a bail bondsman plays, and why you should hire one.

What is a bail bondsman?

Simply put, a bail bondsman fronts the necessary funds to release an arrested person from jail.

After an arrest, the person will go through the booking process and a judge determines how much money should be required to release the individual based on their crime and history with the law. This judge does not determine guilt or innocence; she merely sets the bail price.

The family of the defendant must pay the entire amount in order for the person to be released. If the whole sum cannot be attained, a bail bondsman can be used to pay the bail in exchange for a small fee.

While the bail cost is returned to the person who paid it after the trial concludes, the bail fee charged by the bail bonds agency is non-refundable.

So what’s the purpose?

Bail bondsmen fill a few different roles in the judicial system. They prevent jails from overcrowding, they reunite families, and they allow a defendant to prepare for his case outside of a jail cell. All of these help ensure a better judicial system.

Why not pay the bail myself?

This is a good question. If you have the money, you could pay it up front, knowing that you will get it back at the conclusion of the trial, regardless of outcome. So why hire a bail bondsman?

For one, trials can take months or years to finally reach court. Having thousands of dollars tied up does not give you the freedom to respond to a medical emergency, car accident, or legal fees. While you won’t get refunded on the 10% fee, you will have the other 90% available for everyday expenses.

Another fear is that the defendant will jump bail. If the person flees or skips trial, then the indemnitor who paid the bail is held accountable for the entire amount without refund. If you believe your family member could run away, don’t pay.

Finally, jails are nasty places. Some people would prefer to use a bail bondsman to avoid the entire system, instead letting the bondsman deal with the release process.

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