LA County Inmate Search

Welcome to the LA inmate search form, where you can find information on people that have been booked and processed at any Los Angeles County Jail. Information is accurate up to the past 2 hours, simply fill out the form below to obtain more information or call the number listed below if you need assistance from a Los Angeles bail bonds service to release an inmate.

For faster and more detailed service, you can perform a Los Angeles inmate search by telephone if you call us at 213-473-6080. Los Angeles has many police stations, Sherriff stations, county jails and other law enforcement holding facilities where your loved one may have been booked and released. If you are attempting to free your loved one from jail, let the experts perform your LA inmate search for you. We’ve got the know-how to avoid long wait times, lengthy holds and other bureaucratic red tape associated with LA inmate search requests.

If you need further assistance with an LA inmate search, found a loved one using our online LA inmate search form or just want to begin the bail bonds process, give us a call. 1-800-BAIL-BOND regardless of what municipality they may have been booked and processed in. Find the Los Angeles inmate search page accidentally? Visit our San Bernardino inmate search, Orange County inmate search or Riverside inmate search pages if you need information pertinent to those areas of Southern California.

If you'r searching for bail bondsman to bail your loved one out of jail, call 310-788-0777