Riverside County Inmate Search

Welcome to the Riverside county inmate search page! Within this application, you can search for inmates that have been booked and processed at the Riverside County Jail, or any other Riverside law enforcement facility. In most cases, the Riverside inmate search function will be accurate up to the past 2 hours. Please provide information of the Riverside County Jail inmate for more information, or call the number listed below if you need a Riverside bail bonds service to assist in the release of an inmate.

It’s also possible to perform a Riverside inmate search via telephone. If you need assistance locating anyone at any Riverside County jail, police station or holding facility, please call 1-800-950-2444. Since there are so many police stations, Sherriff stations and other law enforcement facilities, locating a loved one who’s been arrested can be difficult for those inexperienced dealing with authorities.

Avoid the lengthy hold times and let us help you by posting bail bonds with just about every Riverside jail and the know-how to act quickly, which can dramatically reduce the amount of time your loved one is in jail. Loved one not in Riverside? Check out our LA inmate search page, San Bernardino inmate search page or Orange County inmate search page to perform\ an online inmate search specific to those areas.

If you'r searching for bail bondsman to bail your loved one out of jail, call 1-800-224-5266