LA Bail Bonds: LAPD Increases Security at Dodger Stadium

One week after a brutal attack left a man in the hospital with brain damage at Dodger Stadium, police are cracking down and tightening enforcement at the park.

Bryan Stow was attending a Dodgers’ game to root for his hometown San Francisco Giants wearing the team’s jersey when he was harassed after the game by two Dodgers’ fans that appeared to be intoxicated. They were taunting him and other Giants’ fans, when one attacked Stow from behind. The beating sent Stow to the hospital, where doctors were forced to put him in a medically induced coma.

Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck warned potential hooligans that the LAPD would be increasing its presence at Dodgers’ games. Any troublemakers will be arrested and taken to the Los Angeles county jail. Unfortunately, the two men escaped and have yet to be put behind bars and left waiting for bail bonds in Los Angeles. The police are still waiting for tips that lead to an arrest.

But heading forward, expect an increased police force, both in-uniform and undercover. The team assigned to secure the stadium will also look into adding lights in the parking lots, reviewing the policy on alcohol sales, and examining current security personnel.

It is believed that Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt will foot the bill for the added officers, though no formal deal has been reached. The additional security could get pricy, potentially topping $100,000, but that is a small price to pay to return ease of mind to the fan base and to visitors in the city.

This change in policy is meant to restore fans’ enjoyment of the American Pastime. Parents should not have to worry about taking their kids out to watch a ball game and eat a Dodger Dog.

Hopefully, the two men responsible will soon be arrested and held without Los Angeles bail bonds cost so visiting fans can once again feel safe at Dodger Stadium.

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