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What is Bail?

Most people looking for Los Angeles bail bonds info are regular people like you and I who unfortunately got caught up with a situation involving the law. We understand most of our bail bonds customers don’t have a lot of information on the booking and release process in Los Angeles, bail bonds or the legal process in general. Check out some definitions to common bail terms below to get a bit more familiar with the process.


In California, bail bonds serve as a collateral payment offered to the courts in exchange for releasing a suspect from custody with the understanding that they will attend their scheduled court dates. The bail amount is a financial guarantee that the suspect will appear at trial and all scheduled court dates, because the amount can only be refunded if they attend all of these meetings. Because many individuals do not have the necessary money to post total bail, a bail bondsman in Los Angeles is hired to pay the amount, backed by a specialty insurance company in case of flight.

Bail Bond

A bail bond in Los Angeles is simply an agreement by a licensed bail bondsman that serves as the full payment to release a suspect from jail. The amount is backed by insurance companies who pay the amount should the suspects flee and not appear at their scheduled hearings.

Bail Bondsman

In Los Angeles, a bail bondsman is a state licensed professional who posts a bail bond on behalf of a suspect in lieu of cash. The Los Angeles bail bondsman charges the client 10% of the bail amount, a commission that is set by state law, for the risk they assume from posting that person’s bail.


The person responsible for paying the bail fee for a friend of family member’s Los Angeles bail bond becomes the indemnitor. This person is responsible for ensuring that the defendant makes all of his or her court dates and is financially liable if the suspect flees or jumps bail.

Cash Bond

Cash bonds occur when a suspect can cover the entire bail amount themselves, without the aid of a Los Angeles bail bondsman. In general, the money is usually refunded in its entirety after the completion of the trial, regardless of the outcome, assuming the suspect appeared at all scheduled hearings.


Occasionally, a judge can choose to waive bail entirely, based on how recognizable a suspect is within the community. The individual may also have special circumstances that make him or her pose little threat of fleeing trial. For these cases, no Los Angeles bail bond is necessary.


On rare occasions, a judge may legally exercise the right to refuse bail for certain individuals and instead hold that person in jail. Remand usually occurs only in cases of severely violent crime, threat to national safety, or when the suspect presents an especially high flight risk, should bail be posted. In these cases, Los Angeles bail bonds cannot be obtained.


A warrant allows authorities to perform search and seizures, as long as there is just cause. Without a warrant, these actions are illegal and a violation of citizens’ rights. A judge or magistrate must issue the warrant for it be valid, freeing the authorities from civil penalties associated with those actions.

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