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Orange County Bail Bonds

When you learn that your loved one has just been arrested, your first reaction is usually emotional stress.

At 1-800-BAIL-BOND, we understand the Orange County bail bonds process, arrest process and booking/releasing process to the point that we can take much of the time and worry out of the ordeal.

We are a staff of professionally trained and certified Orange County bail bondsman who will handle your case with speed, efficiency, and confidentiality. We are open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, so you can call us on holidays, weekends, or during the middle of the night and we will begin the process of posting an Orange County bail bond.

Orange County Bail Bonds Information

Receiving bail in Orange County can be difficult because it is such a large area. There are two major Orange County jails and multiple police stations, adding confusion and bureaucracy to an already stressful legal process.

Our Orange County bail bonds agents have been working at their jobs for years and will work as fast as possible to get your friend or family member out of jail. We believe that no one should have to be in jail for even a minute longer than necessary. 1-800-BAIL-BOND has been posting bail in Orange County for a long time—we know how to navigate the area and expedite the process of release.

Orange County Booking and Release Process

Each of our Orange County bail bondsman has experience with the different jails in the area. Because the OC is so large, there are actually 5 different jails that serve it. We can help you locate exactly which one your loved one is being held at, free of charge. Just provide the following information, and we will track down the individual:

  • 1. Arrestee’s full name and date of birth
  • 2. Jail name and the city
  • 3. Date arrested
  • 4. Amount of the bail

The 5 main jails where the arrested individual may be located, waiting for bail in Orange County include:

  • 1. The Men’s Central Jail
  • 2. The Women’s Central Jail
  • 3. Orange County Jail Intake Release Facility (IRC)
  • 4. Theo Lacy Facility
  • 5. James Musick Facility

Call 1-800-BAIL-BOND or visit our Orange County inmate search page to find more information on your loved one in order to begin the process of posting bail in Orange County.

Along with the main locations, there are also a few local police stations where someone may be held temporarily before being transferred to one of the larger jails. These are some of those facilities:

  • 1. Costa Mesa Jail
    99 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
  • 2. Newport Beach Jail
    4601 Jamboree Blvd., Room 108 Newport Beach, CA 92660
  • 3. Santa Ana Jail
    62 Civic Center Plaza Santa Ana, CA 92701
  • 4. Laguna Beach Jail
    23141 Moulton Parkway, Suite 120 Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Each of these jails and stations has its own release procedure for posting Orange County bail bonds and can vary in how long the process takes. Typically, it takes 2-10 hours, but it can potentially be up to 24 hours. This is why quickly selecting an Orange County bail bondsman is so crucial; you want to speed the process up as much as possible. At 1-800-BAIL-BOND, our professional staff works fast to release your loved one.

Orange County Sheriff Booking and Release Process

If you or your loved ones have been taken into custody at the Orange County Jail and booked through the Intake Release Center (IRC) the approximate booking time is from 6 to 8 hours. Release time ranges form 4 to 6 hours. Please note that these timeframes are approximate and may differ according to workload.

Did you know that 1-800-BAIL-BOND serves areas outside of Orange County as well? Check out our dedicated local pages for information regarding Los Angeles bail bonds, Riverside bail bonds, San Bernardino bail bonds or Ventura bail bonds.

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To find out which one of these jails your loved one might be located please call 1-800-224-5266.