LA Bail Bonds News: Orange County Homeless Killer Arrested

Last week in my article about current Los Angeles news stories, one story involved a potential serial killer who was stabbing homeless men in Orange County. Well, on Friday, January 13, 2012, a suspect was arrested and brought into custody.

The man, Itzcoatl Ocampo, age 23, is a former Marine who reportedly was not stable following a recent stint in Iraq in 2010. His family and friends were worried about his mental health.

In an LA Times interview with Itzcoatl Ocampo’s father, Refugio Ocampo, he revealed that his son approached him with information about the murders. Itzcoatl warned his homeless father to be careful, to which the elder Ocampo responded, “I am a survivor.”

The murders of four homeless men, for which Ocampo is the primary suspect, started on December 20th and culminated in the stabbing of the fourth, and hopefully final victim, outside an Anaheim Carl’s Jr. on Friday.

A witness of the stabbing chased down Itzcoatl on foot, until police swarmed in and arrested him. Although there is only evidence of the one crime, it is still highly believed that he is the perpetrator of the other three murders.

With the killer behind bars at the Orange County jail, the homeless population can relax for the moment. A memorial was created for the third victim at the library where he was killed. Perhaps this event will shed more light on the terrible plight of Los Angeles’ transient peoples.

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