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Bail Bonds Cost

Los Angeles Bail Cost

If you’re trying to receive services for bail in Los Angeles, you should know that California State law ensures bail bondsmen fees to be non-negotiable. Like most states, California bail bonds businesses get paid 10% of the total bail assigned to your case by a judge.

This price cannot be lowered or raised for any reason, by law.

If a Los Angeles bail bondsman claims to offer a discount or coupon, or even the enticing prospect of 5% bail bonds, it is most likely they are doing so illegally.

Do you really want someone who is breaking the law to represent you or your family member in financial cases where your assets may be at stake as collateral? How do you know they won’t try to cheat YOU as well?

In addition, Los Angeles bail bonds are not allowed to have any hidden fees or extra charges. If a bail bondsman in Los Angeles tries to tell you that they need more money than the original 10% fee, they are taking advantage of your desperation. Los Angeles bail businesses are also forbidden from charging interest on long-term financing plans.

How Does Posting Bail in Los Angeles Work?

As mentioned, the cost to the bail bondsman in Los Angeles is 10% of the total bail. That means, for example, if the judge sets the defendant’s bail at $10,000, then you will to pay $1,000 to the bail bond company you select. It’s that simple.

  • No bargaining or negotiating prices.
  • No hidden charges.
  • No taking advantage of the client’s desperation to get more money.

The 10% is all you have to pay for bail in Los Angeles. If someone tells you otherwise, they may be trying to take advantage of you.

What If I cannot Afford My Los Angeles Bail Bonds Fees up Front?

Check out our bail bonds financing options page. We can make financial arrangements that fit your budget and don’t charge costly interest.

Call 1-800-BAIL-BOND

We promise honest assistance for people looking for a trustworthy Los Angeles bail bondsman. Call us at 1-800-224-5266 to experience the difference of a Los Angeles bail agent that understands your needs.

We accept cash or major credit cards for your bill. We can also finance the amount into more manageable monthly payments.

Bail in Los Angeles is usually guaranteed by property or collateral, meaning that the indemnitor is responsible for the full bail amount if the defendant misses a court date or skips bail. (Visit our bail terms page for terminology clarifications regarding bail bonds in Los Angeles.)

Note: In order to qualify for bail in Los Angeles, typically you must either be a homeowner or have good credit. If you do not qualify for either of these, it may be best to ask someone else to co-sign with you.

Some of the factors that we examine for an indemnitor include employment, length of time living in California, credit rating, and the type of crime. While we do take these into account, they do not force our decision and we will still try to be reasonable in order to help you receive a Los Angeles bail bond to free your loved one.

Check out our bail bonds financing options if you need help paying for bail services. Or, check out our bail bonds articles section for more general info on Los Angeles bail bonds.

To find out which one of these jails your loved one might be located please call 1-800-224-5266.