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Your friend or family member has just been arrested, and now you are in the difficult position of releasing them via the Los Angeles County bail bonds system.

At 1-800-BAIL-BOND, we promise you speedy assistance with a professionally trained Los Angeles bail bondsman. Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, our Los Angeles bail bonds agents will manage your case with class and confidentiality.

When choosing a LA bail bonds service, it is important to find one that will work quickly to post bail, because LA has many municipalities that cover a vast area, you’ll want to choose a local bail bonds company for more expedient service.

1-800-BAIL-BOND has been providing bail bonds in LA for many years and our professional staff knows how to navigate the legal process and free your loved one.

We believe that no one should have to spend a minute longer in jail than is necessary. We’re so fast, we may even beat you to the Los Angeles County jail or holding facility!

Note: We also serve areas outside of Los Angeles. To fid out more information on bail bondsmen in your particular location, please visit our San Bernardino bail bonds page, Ventura bail bonds page, Orange County bail bonds page, or Riverside bail bonds page.

LA Bail Bonds: Confidential Service

Another reason clients trust 1-800-BAIL-BOND is that we guarantee confidentiality. We understand that this is a difficult time in your life, so we ensure that your Los Angeles bail bond situation will stay between you and us. We can also provide you with phone numbers of attorneys and attorney resources that can help you obtain legal advice for your case.

We know that these situations come unexpectedly and finding the money to post bail in Los Angeles can be difficult. 1-800-BAIL-BOND will work with you on various financing plans to make the payments more manageable.

Below, we provide specific information about posting bail in Los Angeles. Read over the details before deciding on a Los Angeles bail bondsman or call us directly at 1-800-224-5266. We will give you all the information you need to begin the bail process.

Los Angeles Booking and Releasing Process

Because there are so many different jails in Los Angeles, bail bonds processes can vary in length from jail to jail. While most instances at local stations only take a few hours for release, some larger Los Angeles County jails and holding facilities can take up to 24 hours to process a detainee. It really depends on their size and how busy the jail is at the time of your loved one’s arrest.

The Los Angeles bail bond release process typically takes between 2-10 hours. This is why we suggest that you start contacting a Los Angeles bail bondsman as soon as you find out about the arrest. The faster you start, the quicker we can post your loved one’s bail in Los Angeles.

If you would like to find out the location of someone who has been arrested, we will need you to provide the following information and we can locate that individual for you.

  • 1. Arrestee’s full name and date of birth
  • 2. Jail name and the city
  • 3. Date arrested
  • 4. Amount of the bail

Our Los Angeles bail bond agents are professionally trained and licensed by the California Department of Insurance.

For more information on the Los Angeles bail bond process, visit the bail articles section. Of course, you can always call us directly at 1-800-BAIL-BOND (1-800-224-5266).

For information on Los Angeles County jail and holding facility locations, please visit or Los Angeles County jails page. To find out information on a person who was booked and processed at any Los Angeles County jail, please visit LA inmate search page.

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To find out which one of these jails your loved one might be located please call 1-800-224-5266.