McCourt Investigate by Grand Jury for Dodger Management

Former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers Frank McCourt, who recently sold the team to a group or owners headed by Magic Johnson for $2 billion, is under investigation for possible criminal financial misconduct.

Frank McCourt ran the Dodgers into the ground and used the team’s assets as his personal ATM while he was in charge, all the while alienating the city of Los Angeles and becoming the most hated man in Southern California.

In the midst of a heated divorce settlement with his now ex-wife Jamie, Frank also came up short on payments, stripped payroll, and was generally awful. LA citizens despised him for turning their proud franchise into a laughing stock and then getting rewarded with a $2 billion buyout for the lucrative team.

But maybe some form of justice will emerge from this trial, which focus on the accounting and financial records of McCourt’s Dodgers. The divorce proceedings, which was a vitriolic affair between the feuding couple, revealed how the McCourts diverted team funds for their personal use, essentially turning the Dodgers into their own personal ATM. The alleged stolen money totaled $189 million, according to Major League Baseball.

The Dodgers organization paid two of McCourt’s sons a combined $600,000 in annual salary, which would be fine except neither worked for the team. One works for Goldman Sachs and the other is a student at Stanford University.

Normally, 1-800-BAIL-BOND does not openly cheer against someone, but in this case it is safe to make an exception. Frank McCourt is a despicable human being, a thief, and a cheat, who ran the Dodgers into the ground and ruined the reputation of the city of Los Angeles. We don’t want an innocent man to go to jail, but we do hope that if the evidence proves misconduct, Frank McCourt gets the punishment he deserves.

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