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Archive for 'In The News'

Fair Warning: Be Safe Out There

In the wake of the devastating shootings in Aurora, Colorado, 1-800-BAIL-BOND would like to warn readers of this blog to be careful. The world is a dangerous place without maniacs, so take every precaution to prevent an accident from occurring.

Editorial Roger Clemens Perjury Trial & The War on Drugs

Roger Clemens perjury trial recently wrapped up earlier this week, in which he was charged with lying to Congress regarding his use of HGH, and the result was a not-guilty vote. Experts will tell you that this does not remove doubt about his use of performance enhancing drugs, it simply means that 12 jurors could not decisively conclude his innocence.

McCourt Investigate by Grand Jury for Dodger Management

Former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers Frank McCourt, who recently sold the team to a group or owners headed by Magic Johnson for $2 billion, is under investigation for possible criminal financial misconduct.

Crazy Crimes: Software Executive Forges Barcodes to Buy Legos

Here at 1-800-BAIL-BOND, we like to find crazy stories about crimes and criminals. These involve the most bizarre motives, circumstances, and punishments that we can find.
In this week’s edition, a Silicon Valley software executive and vice president of global software company SAP named Thomas Langenbach was charged with forging barcodes in order to buy discounted Legos.

Teacher Caught Sexting Student and Held on Bail

A La Miranda substitute teacher was arrested for conducting an inappropriate online and text relationship with a female student from Arlie Hutchinson Middle School.

USC Campus Continues to be Subjected to Criminal Activity

Four students, three male and one female, were robbed near the fraternity row by an armed assailant early Wednesday. He took their possessions and stashed them in a backpack, before leaving.

Controversial Trayvon Martin Killing Grips the Nation

Trayvon Martin, the teenager who was shot in Florida by George Zimmerman a month ago, has caused ripple effects across the United States. Politicians, celebrities, news reporters, and other people of influence have begun wearing hoodies to show solidarity for the teen.

Challenges to Professional Bail Bondsmen

Day-to-day life as a bail bondsman in Los Angeles is tough enough. We deal with criminals and police officers every day. Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions about whether or not to grant bail to a potential client. And every day we put our lives at risk in a dangerous profession.

LA Bail Bonds News: Lenny Dykstra, Racial Tension in Riverside, & Bryan Stow

Here are the criminal going-ons of Los Angeles County in another segment of Bail Bonds News.

Los Angeles Current Events: Updating Past Stories

Our bail bonds blog often reports on criminal events in Los Angeles. Many times these stories do not wrap up, so today we are going to bring you the updates to these bail bonds news stories.