Teacher Caught Sexting Student and Held on Bail

A La Miranda substitute teacher was arrested for conducting an inappropriate online and text relationship with a female student from Arlie Hutchinson Middle School.

The relationship between Taylor Welch and the unnamed 13-year-old girl began on Facebook and later evolved into “sexting,” or sending sexual test messages, as well as sexually graphic pictures.

Welch was arrested on Tuesday and held for bail bonds in Los Angeles County sheriff’s station. The bail has been set at $140,000. He is also accused of touching the young lady inappropriately.

The whole ordeal unraveled after the student showed pictures of Welch to her friend and eventually a parent informed the school. School authorities then reported the abuse to the Sheriff’s Department.

If you hear of any abuse to a minor, then do not waste time in reporting the crime. It is a grave offense and the safety of our children is of the utmost importance. Call 1-877-710-5273 for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department or email specialvictims@lasd.org for assistance.


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