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Should Bail Bonds Companies Require Clients to Check-In?

Many Los Angeles bail bondsmen are requiring their clients to check-in to your bail bonds office within 24-hours of being released, which leaves enough time to get a meal, change clothes, and shower before checking-in.

Questions Answered: Do Bail Bonds Agencies Require Ankle Bracelet Monitoring?

One question that we get asked a lot during the Los Angeles bail bonds process is whether we use ankle bracelet monitoring on clients we release.

The answer: it depends on the situation.

What to Do if the Person You Bailed Out Runs Away

On numerous occasions, we have warned about the potential harm that can come from being the indemnitor, or bail bonds signer, if you do not have a close relationship with the arrestee. We normally recommend that a relative, spouse, or very close friend take on this responsibility, because the released person will be less likely to leave that individual high and dry.

When is Hiring a Trial Lawyer Unnecessary?

Most people have never been arrested and don’t know what to do after being released on bail bonds. One of the most important things is getting legal counsel to guide you and inform you of options. But there are certain situations where you won’t need a lawyer.

Fair Warning: Be Safe Out There

In the wake of the devastating shootings in Aurora, Colorado, 1-800-BAIL-BOND would like to warn readers of this blog to be careful. The world is a dangerous place without maniacs, so take every precaution to prevent an accident from occurring.

Editorial Roger Clemens Perjury Trial & The War on Drugs

Roger Clemens perjury trial recently wrapped up earlier this week, in which he was charged with lying to Congress regarding his use of HGH, and the result was a not-guilty vote. Experts will tell you that this does not remove doubt about his use of performance enhancing drugs, it simply means that 12 jurors could not decisively conclude his innocence.

McCourt Investigate by Grand Jury for Dodger Management

Former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers Frank McCourt, who recently sold the team to a group or owners headed by Magic Johnson for $2 billion, is under investigation for possible criminal financial misconduct.

Crazy Crimes: Software Executive Forges Barcodes to Buy Legos

Here at 1-800-BAIL-BOND, we like to find crazy stories about crimes and criminals. These involve the most bizarre motives, circumstances, and punishments that we can find.
In this week’s edition, a Silicon Valley software executive and vice president of global software company SAP named Thomas Langenbach was charged with forging barcodes in order to buy discounted Legos.

Summer Bail Bonds: Graduation, Fourth of July, & More!

The smells of fresh cut grass, BBQs heating up, and coconut tanning oil means one thing: Summer is upon us!
Yes, everyone’s favorite season is just around the corner and brings with it all of the fun of the summer. Of course, fun can come with its close friend: danger.

Step-by-Step Bail Bonds Process

To break it down as simply and easily as possible so that everyone can understand, here is the bail bonds process that 1-800-BAIL-BOND deals with almost every day in our Los Angeles office.