Questions Answered: Do Bail Bonds Agencies Require Ankle Bracelet Monitoring?

One question that we get asked a lot during the Los Angeles bail bonds process is whether we use ankle bracelet monitoring on clients we release.

The answer: it depends on the situation.

A few factors are in play when we make our decision on whether to monitor an arrestee, mainly:

  • What are the chances of that person skipping bail?
  • How much was the bail bond?
  • Does the person have reliable place to hide if they leave California?

These are questions we must ask while making the decision.

We usually must have the defendant agree to wear the ankle monitor as a condition of release, meaning that 1-800-BAIL-BOND would not otherwise pay the bail. This is seen as a last case scenario for defendants that are either high risks for fleeing or have enormous bail bonds costs.

Court-Appointed Electric Monitoring

Likewise, the court may also consider these factors and choose to require ELMO, which stands for ELectronic MOnitoring, if they fear that the person is a flight risk. This obviously makes our choice easier, and unnecessary.

The ELMO ankle bracelets set off an alarm whenever the defendant strays too far from a centralized location, usually that person’s home. This alerts the authorities, who can easily track the individual down. It also makes it much harder for them to jump bail.

If you or a loved one is unable to receive bail, ask about electronic monitoring as an additional option to get the bondsman to agree. It doesn’t always work, but could be the final point that makes it worthwhile.

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