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Bail Bond Financing

Los Angeles Bail Bond Payment Options:

In Los Angeles, bail bonds can be quite costly, in addition to being an unexpected expense. Turn to 1-800-BAIL-BOND to post bail on your behalf if you’re in need of special financing options.

The cost of bail in Los Angeles is 10% of the bail bond, which the family is responsible for paying. The rest of the judge-set bail amount is paid by the Los Angeles bail bondsman for the release of the defendant.

We accept multiple forms of payment for the bond fee:

  • Cash
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Money Orders
  • Wire Transfer of Funds
  • Specially-Arranged Financing Plans

Long-term Payment Options

We understand that posting bail isn’t something you typically plan in your budget. In these cases, 1-800-BAIL-BOND has Los Angeles bail bond financing and payment plans to accommodate customers on a case-by-case basis.

If you decide that financing is the best option, rest assured that we do not charge any interest fees and will work out payment plans that you can afford as comfortably as possible. We can also accommodate a co-signer if your friends or family are not in a position to assume that role.

If you are unsure about the qualifications for bail bonds financing or have general payment questions, please call us any time at 1-800-BAIL-BOND (1-800-224-5266) and we will discuss your options with you personally.

We also provide bail bonds financing to areas outside of Los Angeles. Call us at 1-800-BAIL-BOND or check out our location pages for more info on Orange County bail bonds, Van Nuys bail bonds or Ventura bail bonds.

To find out which one of these jails your loved one might be located please call 1-800-224-5266.