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Bail Bonds Information & Answer to Questions:

For most people living day-to-day in Los Angeles, bail bonds probably aren’t ever going to cross your mind. No one plans on getting involved with an arrest, so it’s common to have a lot of questions about the booking and release process in Los Angeles, bail bonds and their role in the legal process. Here are some answers to some of the more common questions we receive case to case.

What is Bail Bond?

In Los Angeles, bail bonds serve as payment for the release of an arrested person suspected of committing a crime. A bail bondsman, backed by an insurance company, pays the bail in exchange for a small fee from the arrestee and the guarantee to the court that the suspect will appear for all of their scheduled dates.

How are bail amounts determined? How is bail cost determined?

In Los Angeles, bail amounts are decided by a judge based on the severity of the crimes, the risk of flight of the accused and the bail that’s been set in similar cases. The State of California has determined that the cost of a Los Angeles bail bond is 10% of the total bail, which is a non-negotiable fee. Any bail bondsman in Los Angeles that offers a price higher, or lower than 10% is breaking the law. These rates are set legally by the California Department of Insurance in order to prevent unfair price gouging. If you see any Los Angeles bail bonds companies offering 5% bail or some other amount, get ready to deal with a scam.

How can I pay for bail?

We accept multiple forms of payment, including all major credit cards and cash. Usually we require a payment in advance for the release of a detainee, but we can make other arrangements if necessary. Contact us at 1-800-BAIL-BOND or visit our bail bonds financing options page to find out ways we can work with you financially.

Can I finance my bail?

We understand that most people do not have money set aside for this sort of situation and cannot afford to pay a hefty Los Angeles bail bond fee, and again, we are a small, family-owned company that’s willing to work with our customers case by case. In the event you need financial assistance, we can arrange flexible payment plans that will accommodate your needs. Visit our bail bonds financing options page for more information.

What is personal recognizance?

On rare occasions, the judge believes that the defendant will attend all court cases and is not a flight risk. In these cases, no bail is assigned and bail bonds are unnecessary. This, however, is extremely rare and usually reserved for cases of prominence or those that involve public figures.

Can I pay for the full amount of the bail on my own to avoid bail bonds fees?

You do have the option to pay the full amount up front, in cash or with a cahier’s check with the promise that it will be returned after the court case is resolved if the defendant attends all scheduled court appointments. This is called a cash bond and must be posted for the amount of full Los Angeles bail amount. Oftentimes, proof of obtaining the funds legally is necessary as well. Bail amounts are commonly in the 10s of thousands of dollars.

What is the legal procedure when someone gets arrested?

Generally, when a suspect is arrested, they are taken to a local law enforcement station or jail for processing and booking. This process includes fingerprinting, taking pictures, and searching the nation-wide database for prior arrests. It can take up to ten hours, but is usually much faster in local jails; around 2- 6 hours. After this process is completed, we can start bail proceedings. At 1-800-BAIL-BOND, our speedy team understands the necessity of getting your loved-one out of jail as soon as possible, and we will work quickly to free them. In Los Angeles, bail bonds forms and release preceedings can be initiated by emails, faxes and phone calls. After the Los Angeles bail bond is posted, the suspect is released within minutes.

Do I need an attorney?

After being released on Los Angeles bail, it is very possible that you do not need to hire an attorney, depending totally on your case. Some cases are very simple and straightforward and may not even require a formal trial.

The first thing the judge does is ask you a series of questions to verify that you are fit to represent yourself. If you pass, then you may defend yourself or plead guilty. But even if you plan to plead guilty, you may still want to consult an attorney.

Attorneys are trained at getting defendants off of receiving punishment. They know more about the law than you do, so they may be able to prove you innocent or at least negotiate for a reduced sentence.

Before you decide to waive your right to an attorney, talk to one. Many give free consultations to discuss the details of your case. Although they can’t tell you everything until they have the case file, they are able to provide a lot of help. 1-800-BAIL-BOND has been in this business for decades, and while posting Los Angeles bail bonds we have developed relationships with many attorneys, so we can recommend one if you decide to hire an attorney. Visit our visit our attourney resources page for more information regarding legal representation.

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