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How Bail Works

A bail bond in Los Angeles is usually necessary for an individual who has been arrested and needs to be released from custody. But why do you need a Los Angeles bail bondsman to post bail?

Los Angeles Bail Bonds Info

In Los Angeles, bail bonds exist primarily to ensure that the suspect returns for trial and all subsequent court dates. In order to have the bail refunded, the suspect must attend all scheduled court appointments. The bail system allows the courts to release arrestees without fear of them fleeing judgment. Otherwise, the alternative would be holding them until the trial, and with a backed-up legal system this would create overcrowded jails and could create months of unnecessary incarceration, assuming the defendant is innocent.

Bail bonds in Los Angeles also provide relief to families of suspects who have to post bail. Simply put, bail can be very expensive, even relatively minor offenses can be over a thousand dollars. Most ordinary folks don’t have a lot of spare money to afford bail. A Los Angeles bail bondsman posts the amount so that the family only has to pay the 10% fee. This makes the bail affordable, without breaking the bank.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds Logistics

An insurance company that deals with a licensed Los Angeles bail bonds business is responsible for backing the bail bonds in the event a defendant flees or fails to appear in court. In Los Angeles, bail bonds are not paid to the court out of the bondsman’s pocket if the suspect flees. Instead, the insurance company pays if the suspect does not return to trial.

Exceptions to Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

In certain extreme cases, a judge can either waive the need to post bail or completely withhold the option of bail if the suspect is a flight risk or accused of a serious crime. In these cases, Los Angeles bail bonds will not be needed, but these instances occur extremely infrequently and are usually only for very special circumstances.

For the most part, an official bail bond in Los Angeles is the easiest way to have your friend or family member released.

Need more bail resources? Check out our page that explains your responsibilities when you bail out or our bail bonds FAQ page.

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