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Why Use a Bail Bondsman?

Most people don’t know how bail bonds work because, well, they never expected that someone close would be arrested. From the movies, you sort of learn what bounty hunters are and can kind of deduce what bail bondsmen do, but what exactly are the benefits? Provided below are a description of the occupation, the role a bail bondsman plays, and why you should hire one.

Two men charged with abducting a Van Nuys man who was shot, shocked with a Taser and held captive for five days while his kidnappers tried to negotiate a $1 million ransom payment.

As a Van Nuys bail bond company we come across a lot of weird and interesting stories but this one in particular was the one that i have to say is heartless and brutal.

police officers of Armenian descent filed suit in federal court alleging their department discriminates against them and the Armenian community.

Welcome to our newly constructed website: www.my1800bailbond.com

Welcome to our newly constructed website:  www.my1800bailbond.com

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