Summer Bail Bonds: Graduation, Fourth of July, & More!

The smells of fresh cut grass, BBQs heating up, and coconut tanning oil means one thing: Summer is upon us!

Yes, everyone’s favorite season is just around the corner and brings with it all of the fun of the summer. Of course, fun can come with its close friend: danger.

Part of it is the spirit of freedom and part of it is the abundance of cookouts and parties, but summer does have a high rate of arrests. Here are some tips on staying on the good side of the police and out of jail and what to do in case you do get busted.

Graduation and the Ending School Year

Part of the danger of summer comes from suddenly free students who don’t have school to occupy their free time. Without a rigorous schedule, kids and teens have more time to get into trouble. This can include vandalism, consuming drugs and alcohol, throwing house parties, stealing, and many other crimes ranging from minor to major.

In order to keep youths out of trouble, sign them up for camps and other activities to keep them busy. Arrange a schedule with other parents to switch off babysitting, so they are always monitored. Limiting their income is another important facet; the less money they have, the more they have for illicit activities.

Finally, make sure to put a neighbor in charge if you leave town for vacation. No matter how “good” your son or daughter is, they can be peer pressured into throwing a party.

Fourth of July and BBQs

Summer is the time when the block gets out their BBQs and starts grilling barbeque chicken, salmon, hamburgers, hotdogs, and more delicious treats. One of the biggest days for grilling is the Fourth of July, in honor of America.

Problem is, many of these cookouts come hand-in-hand with consuming large quantities of alcohol. Some people seem to believe you aren’t allowed to operate a grill without a beer or cocktail. Quickly, these events can turn into fights, fires, noise complaints, or DUIs.

Make sure to practice moderation when consuming alcohol. Barbeque grills can be dangerous if they are not monitored in a safe manner, causing lawns, decks, and house to catch on fire. The summer atmosphere seems to remind people of a lawless time, dating back to their childhoods, and forget to be responsible. Decision-making for the long-term is crucial.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds

If you or a loved one gets into trouble this summer, call 1-800-BAIL-BOND for one of the top Los Angeles bail bonds businesses around. We will quickly get the arrested person out of jail. We understand that not all crimes are malicious; sometimes the summer heat just makes you forget to act smart. So be safe and have a fun summer!

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