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Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States, meaning they have a lot more bizarre stories than other cities. When celebrities aren’t getting arrested, then some other craziness is occurring.

Here are some of the recent events, including a drunk father throwing his son off a boat, a serial killer hunting the homeless, and an illegal cock fighting operation, all brought to you by 1-800-BAIL-BOND.

Drunk Father is Guilty of Throwing Son Into Harbor

Sloan Briles plead guilty to felony child abuse and misdemeanor assisting arrest for tossing his 7-year-old son into Newport Harbor. He was sentenced to 3 years of probation.

The event occurred in late August while Briles was on a harbor cruise with his girlfriend. An intoxicated Briles abused his son until he began crying, at which point he hurled him over the rails. After avoiding hitting the kid, the captain threw him a life ring.

Briles, a former Marine, was 90-days sober and very remorseful at his sentencing. His punishment included 180 days at a Veterans hospital, which could lead to serious jail time if ignored.

Possible Serial Killer Targets Homeless in Orange County

Orange County Police found a transient man dead behind a convenience store on Monday, January 9th as speculation about a serial killer rises. Although not clearly a homicide, police are examining the evidence to eliminate the possibility.

Three prior male victims were stabbed this past December, prompting police to seek out a possible serial killer preying on the homeless of Orange County. Reportedly, each man was alone when attacked. Tensions are high in the homeless community as many more seek shelter, find groups for comfort, or try to remain hidden.

We will give more details as this story unfolds. Hopefully they will soon have a suspect in custody in the Orange County jail.

Cock Fighting Operation Raided

A cock fighting ring in San Bernardino County was raided on Sunday morning. The illegal activities lead to 47 arrests in Victorville.

More than 300 people were inside barn hosting the fights, although many fled and escaped arrest. Along with littered bodies of dead chickens, the police also rescued 92 live roosters.

The owner of the property, Fernando Hernandez, managed to escape and remains at large.

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