LA Bail Bonds News: Mother Drowns Daughters, Houston’s Doctor, Honduras Prison Fire

Most of our Los Angeles bail bonds clients are arrested for things like DUIs or other minor offenses, but in a city of 10 million people, some serious crimes get committed. Here are some of the recent LA bail bonds news stories.

Mother suspected of trying to drown daughters

In a truly grisly story, a father in South LA returned from the grocery store to find his wife attempting to drown their two daughters in the bathtub. Fortunately the girls, ages 1 and 5, are alive, but both are in critical condition.

Neighbors reported that the mother was depressed and possibly suicidal. One neighbor also stated that the girls were not breathing when they were rushed to the hospital.

The parents are Guatemalan immigrants who came to the country 10 years ago. The mother was booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, thought that could become murder if the daughters pass away.

Update: It has now been reported that the 1-year-old girl has been declared dead, while the older sister is still in critical condition.

Whitney Houston’s doctors could be tried for over-prescribing her

The tragic death of the famous diva shocked America last week. Whitney Houston was proclaimed dead on Friday and a lovely tribute by Jennifer Hudson at the Grammys on Sunday moved the country. But the aftermath of the event could have far-reaching consequences for Houston’s doctors.

Investigators are looking into the cause of death and will shortly subpoena the doctors and pharmacists they believe are responsible. This case is very similar to the one brought against Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s doctor, who was found guilty of over-prescribing the star.

Honduras prison fire kills over 300 people

And for a case not set in Los Angeles, a Honduras prison caught fire, killing 272 people. The current belief is that an inmate started the fire.

There have been 272 confirmed deaths, although that number is expected to rise above 300 shortly as 357 people are unaccounted for.

Reports are that shouts of “fire” went unresponded to before guards finally began releasing prisoners, some of whom were packed into cells with another 60 inmates.

The prison doubled as a farm where inmates raised crops and pigs. There were roughly 850 prisoners locked up.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Although there are some tragic stories in Los Angeles, be happy that when you get arrested, you are not in Honduras. The fire has brought to light the horrific conditions third world prisoners face, including overcrowding, filth, and poverty.

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