Las Vegas Bail Bondsman Targeted for Destroying Evidence

Welcome to Las VegasFinding a Los Angeles bail bonds business that is reputable and law-abiding is important, and nothing demonstrates this more than the actions of a Las Vegas bail bondsman who is being investigated in a criminal case for destruction of evidence.

Defense attorney Brian Bloomfield is under trial for a scam where he provided his defendants with false certificates of completion for counseling and community service.

An old employee admitted to helping Bloomfield, his wife, and the bail bondsman, Tom Jaskol, destroy records after a police raid began investigations into the allegations.

Bloomfield’s wife, Amber McDearmon, was one of the people he helped forge documents for, in order to alleviate the three years of probation she faced for robbery attempts.

Jaskol is being charged with destruction of evidence, a very serious crime. The men left the bail bondsman’s office to avoid being followed by the police, where they proceeded to shred evidence against them. Conjecture is that Jaskol informed clients of the attorney’s ability to reduce their community service, possibly for an additional fee, although this is purely speculation.

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